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SmartNav 4

NaturalPoint’s SmartNav is an alternative to the standard mouse, allowing hands free control of the mouse pointer. The user can move the mouse pointer around the screen using head movements, by wearing a reflective dot on their forehead. Mouse clicking can be accomplished through a dwell clicking program (AT version only) or external switches (both AT and EG versions)

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3489SmartNav 4 AT£370.00
3488SmartNav 4 EG£340.00

Full Product Description

The SmartNav software provided with both versions allows for “fine tuning” options including pointer speed and movement smoothing to adapt the system to meet individual requirements.

SmartNav 4 AT

In addition to the standard SmartNav features the AT version includes “dwell clicking” and an on-screen keyboard. This allows for complete computer control using only head movement. The “dwell” feature allows mouse clicks and keyboard selections to be done by simply keeping the pointer steady on the desired item on the screen. The software provided allows for a suitable dwell time to be set to suit the user.

SmartNav 4 EG

This version has been designed to provide head control of the mouse pointer movement, with clicking being carried out using one or two standard external switches. SmartNav 4 EG has been designed to be used alongside the keyboard to help reduce repetitive strain and other wrist injuries caused by mouse use.

Additional reflective dots are available here:


Average Rating:
  • 5 out of 5
Couldn't live without it
  • 5 out of 5

Genuinely don't know what I'd do without this! The accuracy is excellent (I've used it for jobs where I've been using 3D design software and it's coped excellently). I've had mine for 5 years now and it has been faultless; would highly recommend to anyone who suffers from RSI (or similar). Thank you so much!! p.s. I would also recommend buying a cheap usb footpedal (£10 off amazon).

Reviewed 05 April 2016 by Matt ,
Buy this it made my life 100x times better
  • 5 out of 5

I have been using smartnav 4 at for three years, I have spinal injury and I'm paralysed from the neck down, so I have no movement in my arms or legs. Before my accident I used to love working on computers but after my accident I didn't think I could do that ever again until I found smartnav 4 at. I have mastered the use smartnav and now I am independent and using a computer again this device has gave me my life back it really is a god send I use an on screen keyboard which is called click and type it is freeware and you can download it off the Internet I also have voice recognition software (Dragon) I use that software when writing long documents it works well with smartnav do not hesitate to buy this product will make sure you buy the AT version if you have very limited movement. Thank you Ian

Reviewed 06 June 2012 by stychy , united kindom (birmingham)
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